royalty-free-business-clipart-illustration-25024If you own a small business and something goes wrong with your computers, Internet, printers, or any other technology, you need it fixed right away.  Maybe you don’t have the need to have a dedicated tech support technician on staff 24/7 but you need it fixed right away.

Here are some things to consider when deciding whether a freelance tech support consultant is right for you.

Tech support can run pretty pricey if you need on demand tech support. There are lots of different prices for tech support depending on the company and/or individual, but it’s hard to find a good tech support consultant. Here’s the thing about tech support. There are so many variables involved in what could possibly be wrong with a computer and so many different software packages that the guy is usually just figuring out things on the fly. So really if the tech support consultant isn’t a good problem solver and fast on his feet, then you could be paying a lot of cash for a problem that took the tech support consultant twice as long as it should have to figure out.

Big tip! When you find a tech support consultant that knows what he’s doing and finishes the work fast and thoroughly… Be nice to him/her!

Here are a couple of different types of on call tech support consultants;

Tech Support Company (like Nerds on Site)

This is perfect for you don’t need support often and if you are looking for someone to show up IMMEDIATELY. There are usually a few tech support consultants on call so you can usually get good service. The disadvantage is that you may not get the same consultant every time. It is usually better when the tech support consultant knows your business.

Self-Employed Tech Support Consultant

If you don’t need service very often or very urgently, then a self-employed or freelance tech support consultant is perfect for you. You know that he will always do a good job because he’s been there before and knows the drill. Usually, if a tech support consultant is self-employed then he’s been around longer and is far more knowledgeable.

*If you need a Support Consultant, call me at 506-870-8408 and we can see if there is a fit*

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