Have you noticed a drop in traffic?

If your website is not mobile-friendly then you will.  As of April, Google is now enforcing new rules that penalize websites that are not mobile-friendly.

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mobile-devices-752x483-660x400What does this mean to you?

It depends…

If you are NOT mobile-friendly then research already suggests that you are loosing tons of business because more and more people are using their smartphones.  If someone is on the run and they see an advertisement or a friend mentions your name, they might just look you up on their phone to book an appointment.  If your site is incompatible then you lose business.

What makes matters worse…

If your competitors ARE mobile-friendly, then they are taking your traffic (ie: your customers and prospects).

What can you do?

First, go check to see if your site is mobile friendly using this Free Google Test.

If you fail the test then you NEED to get this fixed!

I can fix it for you, or if you have a designer already tell him to make your site “Responsive”.

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