If you are like me, you have a smartphone, a laptop and a desktop computer… Who knows, you might even have an iPad and maybe even a work computer too.  You likely spend more time synchronizing all these devices than you’d like.

Luckily there is a solution!


I recommend you use a few different solutions to keep it all together.

*If you need help, I can set all of your devices to synchronize with each other*

Contacts, Mail and Calendars:

You can easily synchronize all devices by using Gmail for your calendars and contacts.  This way all of your contacts are immediately available on all of your devices.  You can also use a Google calendar and that way you can set up appointments from a computer that is automatically pushed to your phone.  You even have the ability to share calendars with friends, colleagues and even your spouse.  No excuse for not picking up milk (or wine in my case) on the way home.

Here is a resource to help;

Dropbox for files:

This is an excellent tool to share files between multiple computers.  There is also a smartphone app that you can use as well.

Download Link:

TeamViewer for remote control:

I’ve been using this tool for years.  You can use this to transfer files from computer to computer, but more importantly, you can use it to control a computer remotely.  This is excellent, for example, if you want to do your banking but don’t want to do it from a work computer.  You can log into a home computer from work and do your transfers.  Another use is for printing at home.  You can easily log in to the home computer and print on your home printer from a coffee shop and your document is ready when you get home.

Download Link:

If you need any additional support for your computers and networks feel free to contact me
Tim Melanson

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