high-res-logo_facebook1You get a notification from one of your friends… You wonder if they might have deleted you by accident… so you add them anyway.  Next thing you know you start getting messages from your friends asking why you have two profiles.  You’ve been cloned!

At first you might think that someone is just impersonating you because you are so awesome… but there is probably something else much worse going on.

When a hacker gets access to your friend’s list they can do a number of things.  Here are a couple of the common scams.

  • They can gather info and target your friends and family with the “Grandma Scam”.  They say that you are in trouble… Maybe on vacation and you got arrested…  You need them to send money vi Western Union.
  • They can try to sell stuff to your friends… they are your friends so they can be more believable, but they try to sell things like diet pills, free gift cards… check out videos or photos…

If you get a friend request from someone who is already your friend, let them know immediately.

I strongly suggest you block your friend’s list.  You can set the privacy to “Only Me” so that no one can see it.

There is a ton more detail on this at Facecrooks if you are interested.

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